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Great Art Tutor

Hi Maggie, just to say thanks for being such a helpful, positive and encouraging influence in our art journey.
Patricia Holliss

Art Course

My growing awareness of Art was nurtured by your sensitive teaching and helped me find my artistic home within Watercolour. Your guidance and obvious talent have helped me to develop my own style, and have given me a solid grounding in the basics. Thanks Maggie.
Patricia Philp

I like your web site

We had a good time together and still friends. Shame you had to move away.But it all looks good and i know you will do well.
Maria Drewett

Fab web site!

What a great web page and what a marvellous opportunity it gives me to tell everyone how much your well structured art course aided my success. Thanks to your superb tutelage I gained the confidence to branch out with my work, using the different methods and materials you showed me. I now have a contract with a leading Art Gallery, selling my work as originals, prints and cards.
So Thanks again Maggie
your grateful friend.
Iris Clelford